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REFUSE: A Junkyard Wedding by SH Richardson

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I’m in love and I’m getting married
I’m keeping a secret and it haunts me
I’m afraid but for all the wrong reasons
I made a promise but how can I keep it?

My brother Maxwell messed up royally and it almost cost the life of someone we all loved. We turned our back on him and now he’s disappeared. But amongst all the sorrow and pain, I found happiness and love. Clover will be my wife and we will have our happily ever after.

I was shot during a robbery and almost died.
My sister Ashley was held at knifepoint by a psycho hell bent on having her for himself.
My nightmares are destroying my life, but I’m getting married and I will have my happily ever after.

Clover Benjamin and Range Reardon are getting married. The stage is set for their magical fairy tale wedding complete with two hundred guests and a string quartet. But one lie by omission could ruin their chances at happiness. Will Range and Clover have their happily ever after? After all, anything worth having is worth waiting for.

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