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??Contemplating Domain?? By, J L Moore

Series: ??Ultimate Domain
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Erotic Suspense

In this second installment of the Ultimate Domain Series, Dominic and Iris will reconcile, and sink deeper into their kinky offbeat relationship. Iris will not only be the victim of a stalker, but she will also struggle to survive an unforeseen accident; while, Dominic will not only work continue to free himself from the secrets of his abusive past, he will also begin to treasure his relationship with Iris, which then begins to flourish, on the path to something forever. You won’t want to miss this sensual journey with several twists and turns along the way.

Contemplating Domain is the second book of the Ultimate Domain Series. This steamy/erotic contemporary romance, is the epic love story between Dominic Main and Iris Bloom. Two beautifully damaged lovers desperately trying to let go of the past and move into something everlasting.

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